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Here are the list of most commonly asked questions.  Please refer to these before contacting your tournament director.  All of this information is included in your registration confirmation email:

  1. Your team will NOT be accepted until AFTER the deadline date for the tournament (December 13th).
  2. Your team will NOT be charged until they are accepted.  So your status will remain as UNPAID until you are accepted.  This is even if you have a card on file.
  3. There is a glitch with the GotSport system that will not allow us to remove the Preferred Division tab on your application.  It will always revert to HIGHEST LEVEL regardless of what you choose.  Only you see that on your end.  On our end we have the Preferred Level that you selected.  We will also use your playing history, etc. to determine your level.
  4. We DO NOT have a limit on roster size
  5. We DO NOT have check in.  You will check in with the referee before your games.
  6. You can collect your pins at the tournament EZ Up at the great park.  If you can't make it there, email us and we will send them to you.
  7. You MUST have a player card for the player to participate.  We accept all valid player cards approved through a sanctioned league.
  8. We DO NOT provide EZ-Ups or Benches.  You must provide your own.
  9. We DO NOT have access to your roster on GotSport.  Your clubs registrar can assist with any of these issues.

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This tournament is unrestricted. Teams registered in good standing with any U.S. Soccer Federation affiliate are eligible to apply.