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Manager’s Information


Congratulations on your team’s acceptance into the 2023 PATS JR CUP!

Please take a moment to read through this page carefully, it will assist you with any questions you may have.   checklist is also available on the website to assist you.

The Tournament Committee advises you to immediately do the following:

1. Submit travel documents for USYSA teams outside of Region IV through your appropriate sanctioning organization. For US Club a copy of your US Club roster printed from the US Club website. Participation in the Tournament is conditioned upon proper receipt of the appropriate travel documentation.

2. Ensure your player roster in your on-line application is complete and up-to-date at all times.

Team Certification and Registration

Teams must submit the following documentation depending on the affiliation status of the team (USYSA, US Club, and Super Y League). All of the players on the team must play with the proper affiliation documentation (USYSA, US Club, and Super Y League). 

Failure to submit the required documents will result in the team or individual players being disqualified from participation. 2010-2008 teams may register up to eighteen (18) players.  2012-2011 teams may register up to sixteen (16) players.  2015b-2013 teams may register up to fourteen (14) players.

Teams Registered with Cal South

1. Player Cards. Valid, laminated player cards with a photograph for the 2022/2023 season for each player.

2. Loan Player Form. Loan player forms are not required for Cal South players loaned to a Cal South team. 

3. Team Roster/Game Card. - Teams will be required to print their game cards at home, then bring them to your games.  HERE are instructions on how to do so

1. Player Cards. Official laminated player cards with a photograph for the 2022/2023 

2. Travel Papers. All USYSA teams traveling from outside of Region IV must provide appropriate travel documents approved by their State Association. USYSA Travel Papers consist of an approved

Permission to Travel AND an approved roster of all players who will be traveling. Only players listed on the approved Travel Roster will be eligible to participate. Additions or substitutions of players after initial submittal will require an amended Travel Roster which must be approved by your State Association.

3. Loan Player Forms. Teams are responsible for complying with the rules of their State Association regarding borrowing players from other teams. All loaned players must be listed on a Travel Roster approved by your State Association if required. Laminated players cards with a photograph for the 2022/2023 season are required for loaned players along with a medical release. Teams that are borrowing players who are registered with other State Associations will have to obtain Travel Papers for those players from the borrowed player’s State Association. A Cal South player borrowed by a team from outside Cal South does not have to obtain a loaned player form.

4. Team Roster/Game Card. Your Roster will appear on the game card printed, and can be imported by your club registrar through your GotSport account.

United States Teams Registered Other than USYSA

1. Player Cards. Official and valid laminated player cards for 2022/2023 with a photograph for each player.

2. Travel Papers. The appropriate travel documentation from the association to which your team is affiliated (e.g. NPL, ECNL, and US Club Soccer). For NPL and US Club Soccer (this includes ECNL), it is the approved roster printed from the US Club Soccer player registration system.

2. Team Roster/Game Card. Teams will be required to print their game cards at home, then bring them to your games.  HERE are instructions on how to do so.

FIELD ASSIGNMENTS & SCHEDULES. Schedules released in advance of the tournament are subject to change. Reconfirm your schedule. Pay particular attention to field assignment for each of the three days. Field assignments may change during the tournament.

PATS JR CUP WEBSITE. Every effort has been made to display ALL NECESSARY information, rules, and news on the PATS JR CUP website. If you are unable to locate the appropriate information on the website and need to email the Tournament Director, please send a message indicating:

  • Your Name and the Team you are representing
  • Your Question
  • Your Contact Phone Number

Additional documents also available on the website are:

  • Manager’s Checklist (at the Checklist tab on the website)
  • Tournament Rules (at the Rules tab on the website)

On behalf of the Pateadores Soccer Club and the PATS JR CUP Tournament Committee, we wish you all the best in your participation in the 2023 PATS JR CUP.

Ben Forey and Mike Stauber

Tournament Directors

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This tournament is unrestricted. Teams registered in good standing with any U.S. Soccer Federation affiliate are eligible to apply.