The Pateadores Soccer Club is proud to present the Pateadores Cup 2021. Our two day event will be held on January 2nd and 3rd  2021. The PATS  CUP is a Class I & III Tournament. Class I & III Tournaments are open to affiliated competitive teams from US Youth Soccer State Associations, Cal South and foreign countries. We accept all USSF National Association Player Passes. We are a UT UNRESTRICTED TOURNAMENT.  

Age bracketing for PATS  CUP will be based on the 2020/2021 age group requirements from US Soccer.  All age groups will be based on birth year.  


The following information is just a “snap shot” of the PATS CUP Rules and Information regarding the Tournament. Please take the time to thoroughly review all sections of this website. This website has been developed to answer all of your questions and hopefully convey to you our desire to afford your team and its family members a truly memorable tournament.

Games will be played in Orange County, CA. We will be using The Great Park and prestigious Irvine city fields 

Each Team will be scheduled a minimum of 3 games.

All Finals will be played on January 3rd 2021

Please register as a 2020-2021 team based on the Cal South Birth Year Matrix:

2012 and 2012 b - 2011 will play 7 v 7 with 50 min. pool games.

2010- 2009 will play 9 v 9 with 60 min. pool games.

2008 - 2002 will play 11 v 11 with 70 min. pool games. 

Check-in will be at the field one hour before your first scheduled game

If you are an out of state team or outside of CYSA-SOUTH (Cal South), you are automatically accepted into the tournament once your tournament hotel reservations are confirmed by the Tournament Committee. Please read our Stay and Play Policy on the Hotel Page.

Pats Cup 2021 Tournament Rules are available HERE.

Prestigious team trophy for the Champion as well as individual medals will be presented to the teams finishing in 1st and 2nd place. 

In any age group where there are two or more flights, the tournament committee alone will determine into which group teams will be placed. Premier will be Flight I ,Championship will be Flight II and League will be Flight III. If you have a preference for a particular flight, please email the Tournament Director and make a note of your request in the application under “Team History”.

If you wish to APPLY FOR PARTICIPATION in PATS CUP 2021, please follow the on-line registration instructions. Your application must be received by the Tournament Committee on or before November 27th, 2020. Teams outside CYSA South (Cal South) and/or out of state will receive automatic acceptance into the tournament once hotel reservations are confirmed by the Tournament Committee. Please refer to the “Stay and Play” hotel policy located on the hotel page of the website.

Unlimited LOANED PLAYERS will be allowed for all teams. Please see PATS CUP Rules for 2021.


As you complete this application and make your payment online, your application is considered complete and your team will be considered for acceptance into the tournament. Making your payment does NOT guarantee acceptance into the tournament. You will receive confirmation that a payment has been received. This is not an acceptance notification into the tournament. PATS CUP, while trying to be equitable in it’s team selections, reserves complete jurisdiction over the teams that are selected and not selected for whatever reasoning.

The PATS CUP Tournament Committee looks forward to making your experience at the PATS CUP a truly enjoyable competition as well as a great vacation