PATS JR CUP tournament shall be played under F.I.F.A. rules, as modified by the PATS JR CUP, for youth competition. All games will adhere to the rules set forth with the following additions/clarifications:

  • Decisions relating to the interpretation of the Tournament Rules can only be made by the Tournament Director. Tournament Director may delegate authority to Site Manager or Field Marshall if the Tournament Director is not present at game site.
  • Disputes relating to the interpretation of these rules will be resolved with the administrators/coaches that are registered with the involved team(s). Individuals may not represent a team if not registered as an administrator/coach with the involved team(s).
  • All decisions, judgments, and calls of tournament referees and Tournament Director or designated Field Marshal are final. No protests will be allowed.

Teams will play in age brackets for 2018-2019 season and will use 2018-2019 player passes and medical releases to check-in.

2010 - 2009 ages will play 7v7, 2008 - 2007 will play 9v9, 2006 - 2005 will play 11v11, with no exceptions.
Teams must be affiliated with FIFA and/or USSF and players and coaches must have laminated cards.

Unlimited loan players will be permitted with a maximum roster size of 2010 & 2009 (14 players), 2008-2005 (18 players) with loan papers, if applicable.

Teams will register at their scheduled field one hour before their first game unless other arrangements have been made with the Tournament Director. There will be no additions to the team roster after the team checks in. Player cards or medical releases may be accepted later by Field Marshall but only if player is listed on the official team roster at time of the Check In.

At registration, a complete and signed Team Roster must be submitted by Coach or Manager who must certify that all players are FIFA and/or USSF 2018/2019 registered players.

Laminated player cards with photo and the player’s signature (for States or Countries that require signatures, photos and/or laminated cards for identification) and medical release forms will be required at registration.

Teams will check-in 60 minutes prior to game time at the designated check-in venue. Field Marshals will check in all teams and will hold player ID cards during match. Coach or Team Administrator will hold Medical Release forms. The Field Marshall will collect match cards, which must be signed by Coach or Team Administrator. The Field Marshall will come to your field.


The following rules of conduct apply:

  • All coaches have complete responsibility for the conduct of their players, bench, friends, and spectators at all times. A Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Manager sent off by the referee is considered a red card and the team will receive (-1) points. A parent, family member, friend or any spectator asked to leave will not be considered a red card event.
  • If in the opinion of game officials, a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, bench or spectators, the offending team can be suspended from further play and forfeit that game and all remaining games. In this event, all previous points earned remain as played.
  • Any player or coach ordered from the field of play (RED CARD) will not be allowed to participate in the next match as a minimum and if violent conduct occurs the player or coach may be ejected for remainder of tournament at discretion of Tournament Director. Two YELLOW cards during match shall be ejected for remainder of the match and may serve a one game suspension at the discretion of the Tournament Director. A one point deduction will be given to the offending team for each red card (double yellow included).
  • Disciplinary measures imposed by this tournament organization for inappropriate behavior shall be limited to placing restrictions upon an individual player, coach, and spectator or team’s participation in the tournament. Such disciplinary action will be as determined by and at the discretion of the Tournament Director or designated Field Marshall and can include exclusion from further tournament participation.
  • Any cards issued will be reported to US Club and USYS in a tournament report and thereby to the home club/league of the player, coach, team or supporters involved except that all matters involving a referee assault shall, in accordance with USSF Rule II08, be referred immediately to USYS and US Club Soccer. The home state association and the home club/league of the player, coach, team or supporters shall, except in the case of referee assault, have the responsibility for imposing, should the circumstances warrant, additional sanctions within their respective jurisdictions with regard to matters arising from the tournament.
  • All players are required to use shin guards at all times. No shin guards – No play!
  • No player may compete in the Tournament on more than one team.


Home teams are listed first on the schedule and have these requirements:

  • Spectators are to sit on the side directly opposite of their team
  • Kick-off to start the game
  • Direction of play
  • Provide game ball
  • Provide three game balls if requested by the referee
  • Change top with any color conflict as determined by the referee

All games will begin on time. A forfeit will be declared if a team cannot field a minimum of five (5) players 2010/2009 at start time. Field Marshal may extend start of game up to 10 minutes if deemed reasonable to salvage the scheduled game.
Preliminary round game times may be varied by Field Marshal to maintain game start schedules. These games may end in a tie. All preliminary games will be held on Saturday or Sunday.
Teams will be grouped into divisions according to age and gender and will play all their games within their assigned divisions.

Teams/players will compete based on 2018/2019 age groups.

All teams will be scheduled to play a minimum of 3 games unless the scheduled games are shortened or canceled due to rain, unforeseen circumstances such as critical injury or acts of God. The tournament will attempt to add a fourth game as a Final.

The Tournament reserves the right to alter the game formats and bracket configurations to enhance competition and to improve the overall quality of the Tournament. The Tournament will attempt to utilize Six, Eight, Twelve, and Sixteen team divisions.

Semifinal games ending in a tie, after regulation time, will go immediately to F.I.F.A. kicks from the penalty mark to determine the winner (special goal at site may be used for PKs. All Finals will be held on Sunday.

All Round Robin and Semi-Final games will consist of the following half periods with a five (5) minute half time:

  • 2005           30 minutes
  • 2008 - 2006 30 minutes
  • 2010 - 2009 25 minutes

All championship games will consist of the following half periods with a ten (10) minute half time:

  • 2005           30 minutes
  • 2008 - 2006 30 minutes
  • 2010 - 2009 25 minutes

Championship games ending in a tie, after regulation time, will have two five (5) minute overtime periods with Golden Goal victory (the first team to score, in overtime, wins the match). If still tied, teams will go to F.I.F.A. kicks from the penalty mark to determine the winner (special goal at site may be used for PKs).
In case of inclement weather or field conditions, games may:

  • Be shortened
  • Go to F.I.F.A. kicks from the penalty mark to determine the winner
  • Be cancelled

Games for 2010 - 2007 will use an official size #4 ball. Games involving 2006 – 2005 will be played with an official size #5 ball.


We're old school went back to a 10 point scoring system. This seems to create a little more excitement and opportunity.
The following point system will be used to determine 1st in each group and the wildcard selection during preliminary rounds:

Six (6) points for each win
Three (3) points for each tie
One (1) point for each defensive shut out (to include 0-0 ties).
Zero (0) points for each loss

One (1) point for each goal scored up to five per match.
A forfeit is a 1-0 win or (8) points.

A 0-0 tie awards 4 points for each team.

One (-1) point deduction for each ejection (red card or double yellow on a coach or a player). A parent or spectator cannot receive a red card. The coach is the responsible party for his/her sideline.

If a forfeit creates an unfair situation in determining the winner of a bracket or pool, the Field Marshall may with the approval of the Tournament Director, award the forfeit points equally to all the teams in the pool or bracket.

At the end of each game, the Coach or Team Administrator must carefully review and sign the score card. Coach or Team Administrator should review PATS CUP website to verify scores properly recorded and contact Field Marshal and/or Tournament Director immediately of any possible errors. The score card is official match record and may not be changed except under the following circumstances:

Score corrections:

If Coaches/Team Administrators of both teams, meet with Field Marshal and agree to a score correction, the Field Marshal will correct the score and other records accordingly.

If Referee verifies incorrect score was recorded, Field Marshal (with Tournaments Director’s approval) may correct score and other records accordingly.
Scores incorrectly posted on Website shall be investigated by Field Marshall by checking original match record and corrected accordingly.

Red Card corrections:

If Referee verifies incorrect player was recorded as receiving Red Card (includes double Yellow), Field Marshal (with Tournament Director’s approval) may correct records accordingly.


For 12 team divisions, the wildcard team will be the team that does not win their bracket, with the highest point total of all three brackets. In the event of a tie on point totals for Wildcard (or within any Bracket), the following tie breaking system will apply:

  • Head to Head (where applicable).
  • Goal Differential, total all goals counting for (maximum 5 in any individual game) minus total all goals counting against (maximum 5 in any individual game)
  • Goals Scored, total goals counting for (maximum 5 in any individual game)
  • Lowest Goals Allowed, total goals counting against (maximum 5 in any individual game)
  • F.I.F.A. kicks from the penalty mark (unless otherwise mutually agreed to by both Coaches or Team Administrators, scheduled 30 minutes prior to next match at match site—special goal may be used) Any deviation in this process must be approved by any tournament official.


Substitution shall be allowed at the following times:
Pursuant to current FIFA Rules.


In the event of an unusual event that results in a significant loss of game time, the lost game time may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Tournament Director. The rescheduling of the lost game time is subject to field availability. An example of an unusual event would be a major injury to a player, which prevented the use of the playing field. The Tournament defines a significant loss of game time as more than half of the game. An accumulation of time delays due to minor/moderate injuries to several players would not constitute an unusual event nor will these delays be considered lost game time. An accumulation of time delays resulting from the normal course of a game will not be considered lost game time.
Tournament Directory/Site Manager may shorten games as necessary to make sure all matches scheduled on a given field are played. For example, a field running behind schedule due to an injury may have all remaining games shortened by few minutes each game so that each game gets played.
Tournament Director or referee may suspend any match or tournament in consideration of safety to players or damage to fields in event of inclement weather under any circumstances. Partial refunds for cancelled or suspended games will be considered by the Tournament Committee to determine the extent of a refund but said refund will not exceed $100 per game.

No refund will be allowed due to forfeit of any game by any team accepted to tournament.

Any team that withdraws from the Tournament after the team has been accepted or on or after December 19th, 2019, will not receive a refund of any kind.

Application to the Pats Jr Cup 2019 does not mean automatic acceptance into the Pats Jr Cup 2019. Each team accepted will be sent an email notifying the team of its’ acceptance into the Pats Jr Cup. Any and all teams that are not accepted will be issued a full refund.



INCLEMENT WEATHER OR ACT OF GOD: In the event of inclement weather, or act of god, once the games have begun, winners will be decided based on points earned up to that point, with any tie breakers being determined using the protocol outlined above in the section entitled, "TIEBREAKERS".

In case of tournament cancellation and no games are played due to inclement weather, the "Tournament Committee" retains the right to keep up to one-third (1/3) of the team fee to cover expenses. There will be no make-up games due to inclement weather.

If the tournament is cancelled once it begins, refunds will be giving according to the following schedule:

  • Three Matches Played No Refund
  • Two Matches Played $100 Refund
  • One Match Played $200 Refund

2019 PATS JR CUP Tournament Committee

Tournament Info

Tournament Dates

January 5 & 6, 2019

Entry Fee

2010- 2009: $650

2008-2007: $750

2005-2006: $850

$50 early bird discount register by 11/19

Age Groups

Boys & Girls 2010-2005

  • 2010 & 2009: 7 v 7
  • 2008 & 2007: 9 v 9
  • 2006 & 2005: 11 v 11

Entry Deadline

December 19, 2018