Pateadores takes great pride in selecting the most pristine fields for Pats Cup 2020.   Please note, no animals of any kind are allowed on our fields.  The OC Great Park does allow dogs, however, no animals are allowed near the soccer fields.  No open fires or BBQ's are allowed.  No sunflower seeds or drinks other than water are allowed on our turf fields.  We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Brywood Park

15 Westwood

Irvine, CA 

Cypress Grove Park

275 Rush Lily

Irvine, CA

Eastwood Park

130 Frontier

Irvine, CA

Hicks Canyon Park

3864 Viewpark Ave

Irvine, CA

Northwood Park A and B

4531 Bryan Ave

Irvine, CA

Orange County Great Park

Marine Way/C Street

Irvine, CA 92618


Field Map Click HERE

Orchard Park

1 Van Buren

Irvine, CA

Plaza Park 

610 Paseo Westpark

Irvine , CA

San Leandro Park

12 Paseo Westpark

Irvine, CA

Stonegate Park

280 Honors

Irvine, CA

Valencia Park

3081 Trevino Dr

Irvine, CA